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We are an independent branding agency informed by an acute awareness of business and culture, motivated by design and place.

Guided by research, strategic thinking and common sense, we build iconic brands centered around people to define meaningful relationships with the built environment.

With clear dialogue and ideas that resonate, we shape memorable experiences that enlighten and engage, launching active brands and places that deliver significant impact.


We do great work with great people for even greater results.

Engram focuses on illustration for high-end architecture competitions.
Eido is our interior and product visualization department.

our team

Paolo Zambrini

Co-Founder and President. He takes care of business strategy and quality control and he is one of the most influential people on the Archviz scene in Italy.

Giancarlo Russo

Co-Founder and Executive Director. He is involved in the development of branding and marketing materials with particular responsibility for CGI, branding and digital collateral.

Pasquale Izzo

Business Manager of Here Agency. Pasquale is instrumental in building and nurturing HERE's clients relationships. He's an expert at synthesizing information, creating new connections and identifying business opportunities to drive growth and profitability for our clients and our studio. Driven to add value at both project and organizational level, Pasquale has extended HERE's presence throughout Europe.

Federica Spanu

She studied Architecture in Cagliari and after a few years of practice as Architect, she attends a post-graduate Master in Digital Architecture at University of IUAV of Venice to follow her passion for visualization and all the creative industries. As an Here Agency's member is involved in the development of visual media to create original and eye-catching designs, focusing on CGI and digital branding.

Luca Petruccelli

After his studies in Architecture at University “G. d'Annunzio” of Pescara (Italy), he completed his training in the field of architectural visualization in the Post Graduate Master Course in Digital Architecture MADI at IUAV in Venice. As a part of the team, motivated to help the research of eye-catching aesthetical quality, he's involved in the execution of visual concept , especially as regards the CGI.

Sofia Speri

After her studies at Politecnico di Milano in the field of Architecture, she developed the passion for visualization and attended the post-graduate program in Digital Architecture at University of Venice. This growth guided her to the computer graphic world at Here Agency, where she is involved in the realization of visual media and CGI, always looking for the quality in the details.

Irene Bassoli

Graduated at Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna, she collaborated with the Architectural Drawing Research Department of the same university. After this experience she decided to focus on the field of Archviz by participating in the the Master in Digital Architecture of University of Venice which allowed her to join the Here Agency group as a visual artist. She's involved in creation of CG images and animations.

Paolo Carratta

After graduating in Architecture at the IUAV in Venice, he cultivated his passion for visualization by attending the MADI Master. Thanks to it he was able to deal with various professionals distinguishing himself for his artistic sense and attention to detail. Later he collaborated with several architectural firms for the development of visual concepts and CG images.

Manuel Piscioneri

After his studies in Architecture at Politecnico of Turin (Italy) and few years as an architect, he found his way in Visual Arts. It's not a job but a passion, developed in autonomy with continuous constancy. As a part of the team he's involved in CGI and animated elements creation, always looking for new tools and possibilities. He is involved in the development of visual concepts and CG images with a slightly aesthetic touch.

Francesco Loro

Graduated with honors from Alma Mater Studiorum in Bologna. His sense of architecture, design and art is complemented by his pursuit of current style and contemporary trends. He's involved in the execution of visual concept , especially as regards the computer graphic. When not focused on creative content in computer-generated images and animation is a school teacher and an amazing family man.

Tommaso Freguglia

Graduated at Architecture University in Ferrara, he worked as an Architect for few years before deciding to change his path to follow his passion in Visual Arts. After several courses regarding CGI and freelance working experiences in the archviz field, he completed his training joining the State Of Art Academy Masterclass #48. He is involved in the development of visual concepts and CG images with a slightly aesthetic touch.