Palermo Headquarter


‘Embrace’ is the term that summarizes the logic behind the project for the New Business Center of the Sicilian Region.⁠⁠ ⁠⁠The encounter between people, and between people and institutions, where the relationship is direct, equal, synergistic and democratic. ⁠⁠So not a project that symbolises a “palace of power” but the space of relationship, of sharing.⁠⁠ Designing the meeting space is above all designing the void, those places in the city, squares, streets, courtyards, where people have the opportunity to socialise. ⁠⁠At the center of the project there is a large void, a space that is an agora, a courtyard, a square, a place for relationships and an opportunity for exchange.⁠⁠ It is not the design of a building but of a piece of the city.⁠⁠

Client: Studio Transit